Holy moly! Ok! So lockdown has been a rocky road for so so many people. I have seen businesses collapse and close and I’ve seen businesses pivot and rise. It’s been a real mix of events.

So what is PEPP and why is it important to tell you about how I have used it throughout lockdown?

PEPP is about being Positive, Empowered, Powerful (confident) and Productive. Whilst busy is a way of consuming time: is it really a way of moving forwards?

busy-productive - the pepp method

Which one are you?

I found myself being ‘busy’ and not really getting anywhere. I wasn’t being productive at all.

What I have done though, is I’ve networked my way through the last 5 months because I needed to connect and build relationships. I also ended up pivoting within my business. Here’s how it all happened:

I found myself scrolling through LinkedIn and came across a post stating there was an amazing networking group on a Thursday morning. Something told me to ask for the link and get involved: that was one of THE best decisions I made.

I was sent the link and subsequently introduced to 5, maybe 6, more networking groups across the UK. Through one of these I was then asked to become part of a •Dream Team• with a mission to head up a Mammoth Charity Event. We had only 2 weeks to promote a 3hr networking event which would raise money for 2 charities. We worked so hard, pulled together and had over 120 attendees, raising a cool £2,500! This was split between The Butterfly Charity and The Khaya Lokukhanya Charity. All in just 2 weeks!

The feedback has been immense and we have been asked to run another one in October!

Emma and Olly receiving the cheque for the Charity money raised from
The Big Networking Event

So, whilst I was networking away, making new connections and revisiting WHY I set up The PEPP Method, I came across some old paperwork of mine from September 2017 when I first laid out my business idea.

Let me take you back to that moment in September 2017. I created The PEPP Method with the Female Success Network and launched my 1st best-selling book in August 2018.
The PEPP Method is about teaching how to find YOUR version of a Positively, Empowered, Powerful, Productive life!!!
It’s about positive effective communication which helps people feel empowered and confident and therefore productive.

It all started off with me going into schools, delivering workshops, talks, speeches and training to helping pupils (and staff) to develop or strengthen confidence, self-belief, positive-talk, future plans, all using my PEPP workbook!
Then I was consistently booked to deliver inspirational talks, motivational workshops or empowerment talks for corporate events, festivals, International Women’s Day and networking events.

Speaking at Manchester High School For Girls on Happiness

I’ve also helped hundreds of entrepreneurs to create Vision Boards using The PEPP Method and my Affirmation Cards.

Vision Board Workshop for Girl Boss Club Jan 2020

I love what I do and I carried on until lockdown hit: Then…Nothing…
I saw my whole business disappear overnight.
I think I cried for about 4 days.
I didn’t really know my direction.

Despite networking and building up incredible relationships I was still wavering a little. However, I scrolled through Facebook and saw a 5-day challenge Race To Recurring Revenue, (RRR) with Lisa Johnson and thought ahh I’ll give it a go…..
What did I have to lose….? Well when you have nothing to a start with it was a no-brainer…!!

The Sunday before this challenge started, I was rushed into hospital and morphine’d up to my eyeballs in excruciating pain. They couldn’t find out what was wrong. ‘Medically’ I was fine but I was vomiting and in agony!
Monday, early evening, I was eventually discharged and felt humane again…

The Race to Reoccurring Revenue challenge had started by the time I was discharged, I was exhausted and I really didn’t know how I was going to even figure out any kind of income based on the fact I had lost everything.
So I watched, yes I was one of the watchers!!! The one who didn’t get involved. The one who stalked the heck out of the person running the challenge…!
Then Lisa Johnson launched her One To Many programme…v

I knew I needed this! I didn’t really have the investment that it cost me, however, knowing that I also didn’t know where my next income was coming from, this made it a no-brainer to join the 12-week programme.

I didn’t even have a business at the time. My face to face, 121, workshop delivering, speaking gigs and event-creating business was zero, zilch…nada! Nothing.
So, I figured if this course shows people how to build an online business from 121 to many: then I can learn, from scratch and start again…!
So I started from scratch using the ethos of The PEPP Method:

Creating Effective Communication and Positive Attitudes

I built up my ‘family clients’ and have been helping families to feel positive and happy within the family-unit through zoom calls and my Affirmation Cards For Kids packs! This is a huge huge passion of mine, being able to help parents and children communicate effectively to create a more harmonious family. This will be ongoing.

Then I had a monumental and very much aligned additional pivot!
Having spent 7 months answering questions about how to create card packs, I put the question out to my entrepreneurial audience and bingo. The response was incredible.
I created another way of helping people but this time – entrepreneurs, business owners and even charities!!! I’m helping business owners and entrepreneurs to help their clients and customers have the expertise, guidance, support, prompts in their home: so when the client or customer needs direction: the pack of cards is there immediately!

Create Your Card Pack Challenge Feedback
(course details)

Think affirmation cards, content cards, social media prompts, fitness prompts, daily nutrition advice, crafting ideas, meditation prompts, educational cards…the list is endless.

Details of the Create Your Card Pack Course can be found here and the cart closes at midnight on the 9th August! After this they’ll be a waiting list.

ALL of my achievements during lockdown have made me feel very grateful to several people:
– someone who’s lifted my soul spiritually using daily mantras
– someone who’s lifted my soul energy and is guiding in transforming life
– someone who told me a few truths about my biz when I confuse my audience
– someone who I admire and has inspired me in their content
– several people who have been there for me despite the back-stabbing I’ve had over lockdown for being positive
– an amazing new business networking friends who have lifted and inspired me every week for the last 18 weeks
– and finally the •One To Many• programme which brought it all together…

It’s also a pleasure to announce that I’ve been accepted as a PARTNER of the next ONE TO MANY programme! As a partner of One To Many I’ll be able to help you, the business owner/entrepreneur, start the exact journey of an online business in your sector, based online.

One To Many Partner Programme acceptance email

I believed in myself: no matter what…! Sometimes I forget that I need to personally Empower myself with Positivity too! I forgot that my own confidence and inner Power matters and that I was being busy, not Productive.

I’ve gone from something to absolutely nothing, to launching 3 new business lines as well as having spent time home with my family too!!

So when you’re Positive and are able to find Empowerment and feel it too, you can Empower others too. This will increase your inner Power and confidence and you’ll no longer find yourself busy, instead, you’ll be Productive.

So, that’s my Positive post for now. Isn’t it interesting during a global pandemic can gift you the ability to decide to change your state of mind.

For more of that – you’ll be able to read it in my book on the PEPP Method, which will be launched soon!!!

Thanks for reading. If you’d like more find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram:

See you next time.

Peace and Positivity, Jen ❤️

Jennifer Barnfield is a leading Positivity and Visualisation Mindset practitioner specialising in effective communication, both spoken and written.
She is an inspirational speaker, a number one best-selling author and a former British, Welsh and Scottish ice dance champion and an international silver medallist and recently worked in Saudi Arabia for the Royal Family on an award-winning event.
With over 20 years of experience in helping to create confident, winning mindsets and extensive knowledge and ability to harness effective and positive communication, Jennifer now helps entrepreneurs and business owners feel fully empowered in their ability to communicate, support and guide customers. Without the need for screen-time, she teaches the process of creating bespoke card decks, introduces the concept of a semi-passive income stream and how to increase a client’s exposure to more customers.
In 2017 Jennifer created The PEPP Method™ (positivity, empowerment, power, productivity), a method that uses both the scientific and holistic understanding of positive thinking which creates positive mindsets. She started affirmation cards for kids to help the youngest of children to increase their positivity in language and carry and hold onto this powerful mindset and knowledge throughout their life.
Jennifer is also a Business Wales Mentor and has been featured in Top Santè, Baileys Global Commercials, Manchester Evening News, Business News Wales and spoken on the subject of mental health on Radio Aire, UK Health Radio and the Welsh radio station BGM Radio servicing hospitals. She is also an award-winning entrepreneur and has been awarded Top 100 Businesswomen in Wales twice (2018 and 2019) and was a finalist in the North West Positive Awards.
She doesn’t ever stop being motivational, but when she’s not working she can be found walking along the beaches, spending time with her family and continuing to offer positive and uplifting support through spoken word, text and across social media. She also loves Gaia (the largest resource of consciousness-expanding materials) and a good Netflix binge too.