Card Deck Course and Print


This is the Create Your Card Deck Course and Print Package starting July 5th 2021. It includes the course AND your cards printed (see details below)

£995 will be taken for the full course cost.

(To pay over 3 payments click here)

Course Details:

  • Validate your idea
  • Offer you a checklist to get you to the design stage
  • Show you how to design your card pack
  • Teach you how to promote your cards
  • Guide you on how to take payments
  • Show you how to create effective card content
  • Teach you what the printers need to know
  • Offer guidance on the best sizes of cards and boxes
  • Give information on postal and courier services that are available
  • Show you how to maximise your sales potential
  • List all the costings that are possible
  • Teach you how to sell out and achieve a true launch success
  • Give top tips on how to keep the whole process simple
  • Learn how to widen your audience
  • Show you how to increase your customer base
  • Highlight how to create the best profit margins
  • Includes a TEST PACK for you to use when promoting your cards

Print Details:

  • Up to 50 decks of cards
  • Full Colour
  • Double-sided
  • Maximum of 56 cards per pack
  • Size: A7
  • Number of decks: 50
  • Laminated Tuck Box
  • Maximum of 8 pages in a leaflet/insert
  • Done For You proofreading
  • All Artwork professionally checked
  • High-Quality, durable card stock (suitable for everyday handling)
  • Silk finish – this means the cards have a great slip feel to them and won’t get stuck together.
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