The PEPP side to Lockdown

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Holy moly! Ok! So lockdown has been a rocky road for so so many people. I have seen businesses collapse and close and I’ve seen businesses pivot and rise. It’s been a real mix of events. So what is PEPP and why is it important to tell you about how I have used it throughout […]

Afraid To Try - Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP Method

Afraid To Try?

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Afraid To Try? So, Christmas seems a distant memory, Valentine’s day has been and gone and the Easter Bunny is getting ready to visit, and many of us are wondering where this year has gone already! However, before we eat our weight in chocolate, there’s a small matter of Standard Assessment Tests (SAT’s) to prepare […]

Presence not Presents - Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP Method

Presence not Presents

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Presence not Presents …and the Lord spoke to John saying, ‘Come forth and you will receive eternal life.’ John came fifth, received a toaster and went to bed disappointed! Ok, not really, but we could take some initiative from this… Christmas has become so materialistic and commercialised that many families can’t keep up and feel […]

Are You Ready - Jennifer Barnfield - The PEPP Method

Are You Ready…?

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Are You Ready…? Ready for what, I hear you say…! For feeding your mind with what will SHAPE you and MAKE you, instead of what could break you. Being positive in life isn’t easy but it is very simple. It can be very empowering, and you can find so much self-belief, confidence and happiness by […]

Own what you are - The PEPP™ Method Blog

Own what you are, Incredible

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Vibing High Are you vibing high with happiness, just like I am every single day? Every morning I have alarms on my phone set for me to say my daily affirmations… Why…? 1) they remind me what to say when I’m manifesting something specific 2) if I get distracted with work then my alarms help […]